Why give books?

Power of Print

The most powerful printed words are those that are read in our own language. We may take this for granted; however, there are many tribes and nations who long to have Christian teaching books in their own language.

M.P. Panton speaks about Heart Language:

"For in scattering divine literature we liberate thistledown, laden with precious seed, which, blown by the winds of the Spirit, floats over the world. The printed page never flinches, never shows cowardice; it is never tempted to compromise; it never tires, never grows disheartened; it travels cheaply, it works while we sleep; it never loses its temper, and works long after we are dead. The printed page is a visitor which gets inside the home, and stays there. It always catches a man in the right mood, for it speaks to him only when he is reading it; it always sticks to what it has said, and never answers back; and it is bait left permanently in the pool."

Stories from those served

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To date we have supplied more than 130 countries with books!

"Dear brother, as far as I know, this is the first devotional book in Amharic. I know the English copy of My Utmost at least for the last ten years. It was my heart's cry to see this book translated into Amharic. The Lord has answered my prayer. I got this book that you have sent me. I like it very much. I constantly read it and am amazed how the Spirit of God is ministering to me through it. It is my immediate teacher in this Islamic country. My pastor is willing to show it to some Ethiopian Christians living in Yemen. Every time I read My Utmost I pray, 'Lord let everything that is happening in my life bring me to the place that I can say, my utmost for your highest. We have around 180 translation projects on the go at any point in time. Please pray that the Lord would continue to connect us with "key people" who can translate, publish, and distribute the books in such a way that they have the greatest possible impact”.
– Tesfaye Mesfin (Ethiopia)

"We thank God for your team of committed men and women that are doing such a great work. It was encouraging to hear about the volunteers who have chosen to serve the Lord in this ministry with great joy and delight. Truly, you and they may never be able to see many of the people in this world whose lives are being transformed by your ministry, but the reward is surely waiting you all in glory – for our labour in the Lord is not in vain."
– Revd. Pukuta (Mwanza, Zambia)

"Books are really needed for my ministry since I am in the jungle place and very far from the city. I can only see my senior pastor in the city once or twice a year. Your help is highly appreciated."
– Pastor Alicia (Baldovino, Philippines)

"I still remember the kindness you do to me and other pastors in the Third World. We are built up spiritually through your books. We learn much from them as most of us have not attended Bible schools and colleges. So what you do, dear brothers, is the direct plan of God."
– Pastor Batondane (Tiluhatikwa, Tanzania)

"In my country Ethiopia there is a harvest time where many men and women are coming into the Kingdom of God. But there is a spiritual problem because of a lack of knowledge. I have read one of your books and have been greatly blessed."
– Pastor Elefinsh (Azibete, Ethiopia)

"On behalf of the Phnom Penh Bible School, I wish to thank the workers and supporters of SWT for the parcel of books that arrived last Tuesday. They will be placed in the college library for the use of students, staff, faculty, and members of the public (usually local pastors). The library helps to equip them with knowledge and understanding so they will be better prepared for the great task that lies ahead."
– Dave Painter (Cambodia)

These paper-missionaries are the best hope we have to reach the masses of lost souls.
– Pastor Hagan (Ghana)

I do not have Bible School training and am dependant on self study which means your books are invaluable to me.  The books of Michael Eaton ‘Preaching through the Bible’ have been a real source of inspiration to me in my sermon preparation. 
– Pastor Reddiar (South Africa)

I want to let you know how much these books have been a blessing…specially ‘Preaching through the Bible’  The simplicity of these books have made Bible study  exciting and interesting for the youths as well as all the age groups…  It would not be possible for us to acquire in depth knowledge of the word without these materials which you send to us free of cost.
– Daisy Dasgupta (India)

All the books you have sent to me are very useful, but the last books, PTTB series by Michael Eaton, are the best for me as a local church pastor.
– Pastor Ivan Vrachev  (Bulgaria)

More and more books of the same series  by Michael Eaton are needed for the preaching of the
Gospel in developing nations like mine.
– Rev. Chinyati (Zimbabwe)

I am pastoring a church of 60 to 70 members in Khartoum City. The books I have received from you have added new thought and ability to my sermons and teaching.  I believe God is doing great things through Sovereign World.
– Pastor James Lago (Sudan)

Letter from a pastor

Dear Sister Jan

Calvary greetings in the Name of our soon coming Lord Jesus.  I am Pastor Maurice Odhiambo from Kenya working with Manna Ministries in Kenya. I have been receiving your helpful teaching books for distribution in my country by my ministry. I started receiving from you in the year 2001 and since then I have witnessed great miracles that the Lord has done in the lives of the pastors and leaders who have read the books you have sent. Some have written to say how the books have encouraged them to change the style of their leadership making them much more effective.  Others have written saying how personally they have experienced the move of God in their lives after reading the books.

I personally started to read your books when I had no knowledge on the Word of God and was not even able to attend a bible seminary college. I thank you for the opportunity to have your good theological books and I have started to commit myself to read them in a serious way to the extent that I would sleep not earlier than 1am everyday for two years in my life.

Jan , let me tell you this. My life is no longer the same and recently I met about 12 pastors from Bible school who have done Diploma in Theology and have paid a lot of money for that. We started to share about our theological knowledge on God’s Word and LO! Believe me Jan, I was the brightest of all and no one of them could believe that I have not attended a bible school but have only read SWT books that have given me all this knowledge. That night I gave  to each of them 10 different titles to read and they went back from my meeting very happy and praising God.

A great Revival is taking place in Kenya as a result of your books. I am also grateful to Marina who is much led by the Holy Spirit to each time choose just the right titles to send to the right people at the right time just when those people needed them most.

Do you know what? If someone has, The set of three Understanding Theology volumes, by RT Kendall,  What the Bible is All About by Henrietta Mears , plus Understanding Leadership by Tom Marshall,  I tell you that person has a theological school in his hands and is capable of getting all knowledge that others at bible school have.   However I still need many more books as the demand for them is growing rapidly through my ministry”.

Every blessing,

Pastor Maurice Odhiambo