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The Need in China

Tuesday February 12, 2013

The Need in China videoPlease view a 6 minute video clip by Ross Paterson (International Director of Antioch Ministries) regarding the pressing need in China. 

"Though China as a nation is rich, it doesn't mean to say that all of it's people are rich... Many Chinese Christians may not be able to afford Christian literature even if they had access to it."

CHINA – the fastest growing church in the world!

Wednesday January 9, 2013

Chinese Version of Mark Eatons BookThanks to the generosity of one of our donors we have been able to send $5,000 to an appeal for printing more books in China. This gift enables 14,000 copies of Michael Eaton’s Preaching Through the Bible – Mark to be printed in Chinese.

Chinese Church Support Ministries, special friends of ours, have written to us as follows:

“We have over 1100 contacts who ask for books for the congregations that they oversee. Some contacts care for one or two churches, many for far more – some for hundreds of churches. Those churches also have contact with other churches, meaning there are MILLIONS of people in need of books. Because the number is so high we are trying to help but some only receive books from us once a year. Some do not get any. We want to change that but we can only do so with your help”.


Further donations to this appeal would be welcome. Each book costs just 36 cents! Please mark your gift - CHINA APPEAL.

Books for Chile and a request from Egypt

Wednesday December 14, 2011

Chile3.jpgI would like to share with you some news from this pastor in Chile – a country with a population of 17 million made up of 70% Catholics, 15% evangelical and 1% Jehovah Witnesses!  Biblical teaching books are rare so his comments are encouraging.  ‘These books are my best tool for growing and leading a group of new Christians. As a group they organise evangelistic activity with conversions and baptisms every month!’ 

Just two weeks ago Sovereign World Trust, our ‘sister’ charity in the UK, received a generous check from the Women’s World Day of Prayer to specifically supply more literature for that needy country.  We are of course delighted to oblige. 

Earlier this month we had a rare visit from an Egyptian pastor we have worked with for many years.   Having recently been held by the police he has asked us to keep his name secret for security purposes. This brother shared his heart with us saying, “the need for biblical teaching books is great but the door for distributing them freely may not be open much longer”.  

Several years ago he received just one book from Sovereign World, translated it and distributed it widely throughout the Arab World.  Since then he has published a further 350 titles and is now probably the biggest distributor of biblical teaching books in the Middle East. 

We are currently running a special appeal to help this brother so do please help us. Your gift should be marked “Arabic Appeal”.  

These are critical days for many countries in that “explosive” region of the world.  All believers their need our support and prayers and this time.

A 25 Year Celebration

Monday December 12, 2011

Sovereign World International works in partnership with the UK based charity – Sovereign World Trust.  It was in 1986 that this Trust was established by Jan Mungeam following a prophetic word – the rest, they say, is history. 

You can now enjoy a video of the 25 Year Celebration service. In addition to a short talk by Jan, the Founder, you can also view contributions relating to South America (Marina Conran) and China (Ross Paterson).
Peter Horrobin, the International Director of Ellel Ministries contributes a challenging short message.   

We hope you will enjoy this. Please consider contributing giving a Thank Offering together with others who attended this unique event. A percentage of the money given to Sovereign World International can be forwarded to Sovereign World Trust in the UK.

Sovereign World is now supplying books to leaders in Israel

Thursday July 14, 2011

sovereignworld1.jpgIt has recently been my privilege to visit Israel. A small group of us met leaders of the growing Congregations there. (In Israel they use the world “Congregation” rather than “Church”.) These were made up of both Jewish and Arab believers – all very exciting and very humbling.

The number of Messianic believers is growing rapidly as is the number of Congregations. Many of these young men and women were born in the land. One leader commented to me that “we are in urgent need of Fathers and teaching in the Faith”.

We observed a lovely unity – captured on this tapestry in one Arab pastor’s home.Jew_and_Arab_kids_united.jpg

Like many developing countries there is a desperate need for good biblical teaching books – ideally in their own languages - Hebrew and Arabic. With the many Russian speaking believers too the challenge for us to help is immense.

Following our visit we, in partnership with Sovereign World Trust in the UK, were able to send a selection of carefully selected biblical teaching books to nine pastors who all spoke English fluently. We also supplied a much larger quantity to the Israel College of the Bible situated in their new campus at Netanya. Out of the 80 students 70% were Jewish and 30% Arabs. Wonderful unity!

All these books have been warmly received but we want to do more. We want to continue and develop the supply of English books but, more especially, we would love to be able to help fund some translations in both Hebrew and Arabic. It is with your help that this could happen. The need is urgent as the eyes of the world continue to be on Israel. ( “the apple of God’s eye”..)

If you, with us, have a heart to directly help God’s special people please give what you can by using the DONATE ‘button’ or by sending a check to our Frisco, Tx address. Thank you.

My wife Jan and I have recently read an excellent book that we would like to commend to you: 
Israel’s New Disciples by Julia Fisher. The author investigates as to why so many Jews are turning to Jesus. Price £7.99 ($13) obtainable from


Thursday March 31, 2011

Last year my wife and I went on a short holiday  to Malta.  On the Sunday we attended a small church in the basement of a local hotel.  To our amazement, there on the table to the left of where we entered, were a selection of Sovereign World International books!

After the service we spoke to the Pastor and he told us that, “since Malta enjoys a special relationship with Libya I am free to travel to there at any time so take in biblical teaching books to the small but growing church”. He ministers to two congregations in Tripoli.

He commented that the books were like “gold dust” and eagerly received.  “In some cases” he told us, “the pages would be pulled out and past around so that more believers could read them.”  Apparently the ‘hunger’ there is immense.

As Libya is now in the headlines it is good to remember our brethren in that troubled land.  They are desperate to learn more about Jesus.  Please pray with us for the  churches in North Africa and also for that Maltese pastor.  Pray that he will still be able to visit and encourage the church there once the present troubles are over.

Dr. Michael Eaton

Tuesday February 15, 2011

During the last few years well over 500,000 copies of Michael Eaton’s Preaching Through the Bible books have been distributed to pastors in the poorer nations.  We have recently launched some of these on the internet.  Please visit   This is a wonderful resource from which all of us can benefit.  By signing up you can now receive pages on a regular basis and, at the same time, invest in the further development of this series.  Of all the books we send to the nations these are probably appreciated more than any!

The Launch of a New Imprint

Friday January 28, 2011

Sovereign World Trust now holds the publishing rights to all the books in the Preaching Through the Bible Series.  Recently we introduced a new imprint –  International Biblical Teaching Books.  As we reprint titles each is re-edited and given a newly designed cover.

Unprecedented Opportunities in the Middle East

Wednesday December 15, 2010

We are now helping an Egyptian publisher who told us that a container load of Bibles and Christian Books has been sent into Iraq.  He told us that there is a strong Christian Church  there but just imagine for a few moments how tough it must be to live there. So if we can help with Christian literature what a difference that can make. We need YOU to partner with us in supplying the whole of the Middle East with books in Arabic.

One book, The Life of Jesus, More than a Prophet, has been translated into Arabic and published to look like a "holy book". Although beautifully bound to make it look like a quality book they only cost $1 each to print. A businessman from Ohio gave us $5,000 so you can imagine his delight when I told him that this will print 5,000 copies.  A great investment!

Please give generously. The ‘door of opportunity’ is now open and we need to support our brothers and sisters in this desperately needy part of God's world.

Every dollar you can send us will be used wisely and help especially Muslims to read about Jesus who is “more than a Prophet”.   Pray with us that multitudes come to know Him.

Jack Hayford's book translated into Urdu for leaders in Pakistan

Thursday May 17, 2007

In recent correspondence with Jack Hayford he responded with delight after viewing the attached pictures. I thought you might like to see them as well.  Currently we are putting his book, Grounds for Living, into Urdu for "our" pastors in Pakistan - a hugely needy nation.

Do please continue to support our work as you are able.  The opportunities are immense but our funds are limited

Chris Mungeam - President
Sovereign World International