Meeting the need around the world.

What is the need?

Many of the pastors and teachers in the developing nations have themselves had very little teaching. There is also an urgent need to disciple not only young believers but also the next generation of leaders.  Many are in fast growing churches. The more they can personally disciple the more these ‘disciples’ can teach others so if each one can teach one there will be fast multiplication in biblical understanding and spiritual growth.

"And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others." 2 Timothy 2:2

In the West we simply take Christian books for granted but think for a moment about the needs of a young pastor, say in Ghana, and thousands like him. He has a strong call on his life. He knows God wants him to preach the Gospel and to disciple new converts. But what ‘tools’ will he have to help him better understand his Bible? Philip asked the Ethiopian, “Do youunderstand what you are reading?” And he replied, “How can I unless someone guides me?”

Meeting the Need.

We need you to ‘partner’ with us by investing in ‘the tools’ of biblical teaching books to help teach  thousands of pastors and also make  books available in libraries throughout the developing nations. A regular gift of as little as $20 a month can make all the difference.   You can give individually or as a collective ‘investment’ from your church.  Thank you for whatever you are able to give – much or little.  By doing this together we can all help fulfil  the great commission of making disciples of all nations.

Do you only supply English books?

No. Through partnering with Sovereign World Trust in the UK we have a substantial list of books that have been produced in other languages. To date we have been able to help in the printing and production of at least 500 titles in approximately 50 languages.

Who pays for the books, and from where do you buy them?

  1. There are faithful donors in both the USA and UK. Some make one time gifts towards a specific project. Others prefer to give on a regular basis. You choose.  Some come from larger charitable foundations.  Your investment, irrespective of size, will help train those who have no other resources.

  2. We buy suitable books at good discounts from publishers both in the USA and UK.  Some books are specifically printed for exclusive distribution e.g. the Preaching Through the Bible books by Dr. Michael Eaton are being printed in India.

  3. These books are then given to pastors and teachers in developing nations.  We also have approximately 750 libraries and Bible colleges who benefit from your gifts. In some cases we are the only source of textbooks for the colleges.